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International Vintage Sailplane Meet

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10 Juin 2021 à 08:00

jusqu'à 17 Juin 2021 à 19:00

NY 14903 ELMIRA United States of America


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IVSM 2021

2021 marks the 26th anniversary of the first IVSM, originally organized in 1995 by Jan Scott and Paul A. Schweizer. Prior IVSM gatherings have been highly successful, hosting a variety of international participants and sailplanes at our historic soaring location. We are poised for another successful gathering in 2021 with the support of the VSA, the NSM and the flight operations efforts of the Harris Hill Soaring Corporation (HHSC).

The poster for IVSM 2021 features the MU-1 Midwest Utility glider. Chad Wille’s award-winning restoration of this 1943 glider will be on the hill for the meet and I look forward to seeing it and watching it fly. Ted Williams, a local artist famous for his aviation art, has created this fantastic poster. In 2020, Ted presented his painting “Zani in the Clouds” which is on display next to the Zanonia sailplane at the NSM.

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