Goboko Freedom in the sky
2019 Bédeilhac cave in Ariège
A huge hole in the mountain
A factory imagined by Dewoitine
A factory set up by the Germans
A factory to repair planes,
Far from the bombardments
A huge hole in the mountain
So big that a plane landed there
So big that he took off again
So great was his pilot Georges Bonnet
Down there, in the dark, the Rally bears witness
Unique sentinel of a bygone era
And then two storytellers as crazy as each other
Also mad about what flies came to find him
We could not leave the Morane alone at the bottom ...
In this huge cave, a spectacle is born
"Flying is all" by Olivier de Robert
The beginnings of "My roots are wings" by Eric Weydert
And then the audience came, got on board
Lots of people, the cave told us!
This scene will forever be etched in our memories
Not just because of some setbacks
A huge hole in the mountain
Open to the sky
Towards our childhood dreams
From eternity ...


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Publié par GOBOKO . COM le 02/05/2021 à 10:11 sur le mur de Goboko (official).

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